Sunday, October 16, 2011

Focusing on My Art and Design, no more B&B

Firesign Art & Design Studio 
has now ceased operations as a bed and breakfast. 
I am changing my focus to my art and design which means I will be painting more and also taking courses in web design to increase my options and have more control of my online presence.

This blog will become a painting blog where I will post my paintings as soon as I get them done. I will include some process shots.
"Kitty Love" 
the Quadra Feral Cat Society has a booth at the Quadra Island Farmer's Market
A real favourite!!!
Acrylic on Canvas

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Karen Martin Sampson said...

I think your decision to focus on your art is to be congratulated. I look forward to seeing your creations and hearing about how things are over there on Quadra. Up here in Sayward actually nothing much goes on, but fortunately my husband and I like the quiet:-)